Attractors in nature & society

I often watch the mystery of nature with the sole purpose of trying to figure out what exactly drives it. Staring at a flock of birds for example never ceases to amaze me. How is it that hundreds of individual birds can fly in unison without an obvious leader? And I’m even more blown away when those flocks form complex formations that resemble clouds of rhythmic patterns.

Is it possible that everything we see in nature is driven by forces that can be seen and measured and others that simply cannot be seen?

The more I observe the world around me, the more I get the feeling that something beyond our grasp is running the show. I can’t quite fully describe it yet as I’ve only been looking at this for a short period of time and my experiences are far too limited to begin to contemplate it. But I know it’s their working behind the scenes at all times. But with lack of life experience with the subject matter, there is one glaring force that seems to stick out to me the most, the magnetic pull of attractors.

What do I mean by attractors? If you look around you, especially in the natural world, you’ll notice similar things will clump together in certain areas for certain reasons. Reasons that attract objects and people to particular locations and things.

Attractors play a vital role in the formation of entities and objects in the world around us. Everything from planets that orbit around a star in a solar system right down to teenage girls that swarm a stadium that has Justin Bieber performing in it. And when it comes to people, attractors are no strangers to our species and they play a vital role in the organization of society itself.

I’m thoroughly convinced that most people whether consciously or unconsciously chose their environment, with very little room for randomness. What I mean is that the places you live and the people you surround yourself with are not formed by coincidences and chance, but an invisible push towards like minded and familiar individuals.

It’s no coincidence why certain neighbourhoods are dominated by a particular ethnic group, or why individuals with the same musical taste will run into each other in the same kinds of venues. Human beings gravitate towards what they feel as their own kind, and it’s very hard to escape this pull. We feel at home and a sense of peace when we are surrounded by people we can relate to.

People rarely create long lasting bonds with individuals they cannot relate to. I know it’s hard for me to make any mutual friendships with certain types of people because we’re worlds apart in our views of life or maybe our personalities just to mesh well.

With this comes a very handy social technique. If you want to find certain individuals, of any kind and I mean very well mean any kind, just find one of them and then meet their friends. Because it’s more than likely that person will also associate with people that fit a certain criteria that you’re looking for. So if you're looking for comic collecting snowboarder, just find one of them and you’ll have a golden pass to wherever the rest of the tribe dwells.

I’m beginning to open up to the idea that many of the chance encounters that we have in our lifetime are orchestrated somehow by attractors working in the background. Recently I had to find new roommates to takeover the two vacant rooms that became available in the condo I’m living in. I generally have a first come first serve policy, so whoever says yes and hands over first months rent and deposit generally gets the place. Granted there aren’t any major concerns about them that would make me pass. From this came one filmmaker and one actor. Basically the two major fields that I am aspiring in, well, besides trying to build a kick ass blog also. When I look back I realize how much of a crazy coincidence this was, It just happens to be that two individuals from the same field as I come knocking on my door. One can say in these kinds of situations that maybe there were similar elements and dynamics that brought them to your apartment. But I examined that aspect and couldn’t see anything that could have driven it. There isn’t anything particular in my condo or neighborhood that would attract film industry professionals to the apartment.

The universe works in mysterious ways.