Careful of the company you keep

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned last year and the biggest one in my life is how the people around me greatly influence my life. Whether it be my mood, views, opinions, and life trajectory. The folks that we call friends and acquaintances will have a fundamental effect on you and theres no way around it.

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. So chose wisely before they become family.

Take a moment and dive into this notion for me. Because I want you to truly understand the implications of what’s trying to be beamed into your brain at this moment. Because you’ll soon realize that you may be being knocked off course by the individuals that are your life.

Do you have squirrelly roommates? Cranky co workers? Melodramatic significant other? Have you ever walked into a party all bright eyed and euphoric, only to leave it feeling that your soul had just been pick pocketed from you in a dark dirty alley way? These are all common occurrences that most of us have to deal with and unfortunately, there’s no real practical way to avoid it. Wherever there is people, there’s going to be miserable ones too.

But not to worry my gentle wide eyed friends, there is a silver lining in all this. Once you realize and become aware of the moods and energy that people put off, you’ll be in the wonderful position of have the awareness to shape your surroundings. What I mean is, you’ll have the full awareness to properly navigate your surroundings so that you can find those who will bring the better qualities within you out.

This brings a level of control to you that is totally overlooked by most people. You’re never going to reach your goals if the people you associate with the most constantly belittle your ambitions. You’ll never reach those heights that you know are possible when those people around you are convinced of their own “mediocrity” and project it on you. And you’ll never be able to fully explore those places and events that peak your interest when those who you call friends are completely locked in their comfort zones.

If you’re trying to get somewhere in the field of life, you must break from the pack. Theres no other way. But I’m not talking about isolation, I’m talking about breaking from the herd and finding a new pack to surround yourself with. With this new set of people around you, you’ll be able to feed of their energy and they’ll be able to feed off of yours.

The people you want to be around are the ones that will keep you motivated and happy just by being around them. There mere presence will radiate outwards upon and give you that extra boost you need in life. And god knows we all need that extra boost in life and I’m not talking about the one you drink from the bottle.