Change is in the air...In Iceland

It looks like there is a possible chance that Iceland could be the first country to have a "crowd sourced" government.

The Icelandic Pirate Party is gaining a lot of traction in the Icelandic parliamentary elections. And according to recent polls they have a realistic chance of forming government in this small tiny Atlantic country. If you want the full skinny on these events, take a look at this recent article that explains the situation

What I find fascinating about this is how inspiring something like this is. This is what we need in the rest of the world. Radical change. But done methodically and responsibly. I make no apologies about how I feel about society and it's dehumanizing and exploitative native and something like this is refreshing to see.

I've noticed recently these movements that have been spreading all over the world. Popular uprisings that threaten the current status quo. But unfortunately not all of it is positive. You don't have to go far to see what I mean. Just take a look at the Trump movement and the neo fascist movements in Europe. These movements also represent the wind of radical change that you are seeing around the world, but this form advocates xenophobia, ethnocentric race baiting, protectionism and bizarre forms of isolationism.

We will have to see how this turns out, but definitely this is strange times we live in...But then again when is it not?