COVID-19 & The Viral Payload of Fear

I share the intuition of many that something has been going on behind the scenes in society for a very long time and that we are being controlled and governed by some sort of invisible hand. I'm no stranger to conspiracy theories and I hold in myself that many of them are true. Ie. JFK, RFK, WMDs and the Iraq Invasion, and Jeffery Epstein just to name of few of them.

But I do subscribe to the notion of Occam's razor, in that the simplest explanation if it makes sense, does not need any further explanation to be added on top of it. And the simplistic explanation that this is a random epidemic produced by nature seems to be suffice. And intuition tells me that most things in human society are just the product of chaos and random dynamics.

This current corona virus crisis is an example of this.

We have always had pandemics on earth, long before modern civilization and technology. They are as old as life on this planet and the simplest explanation is that this is just another one of those. And many, including Bill Gates himself warned about something like this almost 4 years ago.

I think it's too easy in these situations to fall into conspiratorial thinking as the prime answer to our current situation. However it doesn't mean that there aren't conspiracies surrounding all of this. And it's going to be very clear that many forces are going to come out of the woodwork to try and take advantage of this to push their various agendas. That is absolutely guaranteed.

However, It's important to stay clear minded in these times because one can clearly see what fear is doing to us all right now. My biggest concern is not even the dangers of the virus itself, but the dangers that might come from the fragile and fearful minds of a public stewing in a global crisis that threatens everyone like this. These minds were already on the edge to begin with and this kind of scenario will breed even more fuzzy thinking for many who are susceptible to a compromised information stream that we are surrounded by. I can see many people around me subscribing to all kinds of beliefs and explanations simply because it supplies an easy to understand answer that plays right into their worst fears and prejudices.

There will be those who are reading this that share this sentiment and I encourage you to be the ones that provide a calm and clear counter force to all fear mongering that is being summoned at the moment. Because many of you realize whats need the most right now is not a vaccine against this virus but an effective prevention against our worst impulses.