Down But Not Out

For all of my two(Thanks Mom & Dad) readers on this website, thanks for hanging in there. And for my third reader, welcome and mind the gap..

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. As one might have noticed, Donald J. Trump(J for joy) was my last blog topic and it looked like I either fled the hemisphere or died shortly after that. Rest assured folks I'm very much still alive but still dying a slow death from modernity.

But anyone who follows my other canvass(Youtube and instagram) know I've never stopped. It's just easier for me to express myself through photography and video than with words. But it's time for me to get back into the groove of writing and spilling all my emotions out on a computer keyboard in the vast vacuum of the interwebs.

Anyone that's been following me has noticed I've been having an interesting time travelling lately. It all began last year September when I visited China and Japan. Culminating with a recent trip to my place of birth Nigeria. I caught something out there in those places and it wasn't just travelers diarrhea, but a sense of adventure and discovery. Discovery of not just the world out there, but myself. I understand now that when you travel, you not only just learn about this world and it's interesting inhabitants, but also yourself. The people and challenges that you come across will bring something out of you, both good and bad. I've made a whole video about this very topic, a call to everyone that hasn't, but has always yearned to travel to drop what they are doing and just go for it. Life is way too short.

The world is stranger than you can conceive of, and to realize this requires you to dive into that unknown...Head first!

Stay tuned folks.