Let's Talk About Sex: Sex At Dawn Review

How are we supposed to understand homosexuality when we don’t even have a full grasp on heterosexuality?

There’s a lot people who walk around with this fear and suspicion of homosexuality, as it’s some new thing that just creeped around the corner and needs more time to be analyzed before it can be accepted. I think these people need to put down there “God hates fags” signs and pick up a copy of Dr. Christopher Ryan’s bestselling book “Sex at dawn”.

I think this book is must read for anyone who has taken a moment to chime in on the sexuality debate. Whether you're on the side of gays should be aloud to become pope. Or on the side of they need to be sent back to wherever rainbow colored republic they come from. This is a definite must read in furthering the debate on our sexual behavior.

If all taboos and prejudices were removed from the cultural landscape, would you chose a life of only having one sexual partner or would you explore the frontiers multiple sex partners? The key to this question is to be radically honest with yourself; Stepping out of your cultural garments for a moment and answering truthfully from your own naked soul.

Is the primary function of sex reproduction or is it more complicated than that? Where does pair bonding and stress relief come in? What are couples supposed to do when the sun has set on their sexual attraction between each other. Are single pair relationships realistic or is it even natural? We all think we have a firm understanding of human sexuality and of our own, but I submit to you, your own understanding is most likely someone else' misunderstanding.

The female...with the rarest exception, is less eager than the male..
- Charles Darwin

These may be tough questions for many people to ask of themselves as many of us wrestle with our own sexual natures, but not to one’s own fault though. The opponents we face in that ring are brought in from the outside. But before you make your judgment on the matter, you should dive into this book as it brings to light, I think, the next big battle that society will have to deal with. Whether or not our monogamous nuclear family lifestyles are keeping the social fabric of society together or whether it’s tight knots are ripping it apart.