Reprogram yourself: Restoring faith in your own intuition

With an open mind and heart one might ask, how will I be able to navigate this strange and complicated world with an idea of it? How do I build a sane and functional model of it all? And what new system of thought do I have to subscribe to.

These are all tempting premises. But stop yourself here and throw them away. Run away from any model or explanation, because those are the things that got you in trouble the first place.

It’s very tempting to let your mind try and build some sort of grand idea on life and reality. It feels safe when it has one. However what if I were to tell you that there is something more powerful and more accurate than that simple linear thought system we’re all possessed by. What I’m talking about is your own built in intuition.

This force within us is very powerful and intelligent, and it’s always working. But for a large majority of us, we simply don’t listen to it as much as we should be.

It’s hard to hear a violin when an electric guitar is playing loudly next to it.

That’s the analogy I use to describe that constant mental noise we all have to deal with, always taken our attention from the intuitive side. Our intuitions aren’t always quantifiable, and that’s because it doesn’t work based on linear and mechanistic assumptions of what is going on. It channels into something deeper and more connected with your surroundings. I couldn’t possibly explain it as our ideas of reality are extremely limiting, but I can definitely tell you what will strengthen it and build your trust in it.


It’s as simple as that and I cannot stress that enough. Just be in the moment as much as you can and pay attention to what is happening before you. When you do this, especially without judgement, you begin to feed your subconscious. And what you feed to your subconscious is critical for the internal workings of our intuition.

I remember watching an episode of inside the actor’s studio with Al Pacino as the guest. What struck me was one of his acting techniques, which involved him feeding is subconscious for every role that he takes on. As an aspiring actor myself, this struck a chord with me because it was something I noticed also. If I allowed myself to just observe and feed my mind with observations of certain types of people and situations it would all come out when I’m there in front of the camera.

A simple notion to know is that all you create is based on a large part by what you consume. Think of it as some sort of mental alchemy where you combine various elements of what you have observed. And it’s important not to judge so that you don’t remove information that would be valuable. When you’re judging and or projecting, you are no longer collecting all data, but only getting what you want to see, not what is.
Your attention to what is going is crucial to living intuitively, it’s a simple task, but one that has such enormous impact on the way you navigate around this complicated world. This will become a sixth sense and when it becomes your primary radar it will open up a world of possibilities that you could of never imagined before.

Have faith in yourself and the world is yours.