Your Pain Is Information

Emotional pain is not unlike physical pain. Being burned by fire is a near universal experience that we all have had and we all have at a very young age. That first moment when put our hand or finger in a flame and recoiled back angst is one of our earliest imprinting moments. The physical signals that our nerves sent to our brains in that moment taught us one of our early lessons. An early exercise in boundaries and the importance of pain and how it is actually there to help us stay alive.

It's easy to digest the notion that pain is a helper when it comes to physical safety. But it's harder to understand how pain is your friend when it comes to internal turmoil and angst that plagues us all, especially in this day of age. Our emotional pain is something that we shy away from and take good measures to either repress or just ignore. And unbeknownst to us is the fact that this pain is essentially running and ruining our lives.

One of the main reasons why we don't embrace the pain is because we don't really know what it's trying to tell us. Namely because it bumps against our societal programming and what we think we really are and or should be.

You've grown up to become an certain type of citizen that fits a safe and predefined notion of what it means to be a productive member of society. But your real inner self is crying from inside trying to tell you that it wants to break free and shine.

Everyday you might wake up and go to some soul sucking institution or workplace with it's mundane surroundings and equally bland cohabitants. But you need to be in an environment that speaks to your soul and to be in the presence of others that resonate with your inner being.

These are just a couple of examples of when inner pain starts to develop within you. Your body is trying to tell you that these scenarios are not good for you and you need to address them. Just like how the pain of putting your hand in the fire is telling you to pull back from the flame.

Your being is trying to tell you something here so it decides to create emotional pain inside of you in hopes that you will listen to it. However when you've been trained to live in your head and not in your body, you never really get the message until it becomes too unbearable to cope with. All these movements of pain start to build up and build up like a cloud inside of you. Which gets heavier and heavier and thus creating storms and other kinds of turbulence inside the soul of the inhabitant.

This pain is a blessing when you start to realize what it's there for. It's not some sort of demonic entity sent to torture you for the sake of something or someone's entertainment. But that it's your nervous system trying to send you notes on your current situation so start taking these notes seriously. Just like how learned to pull avoid contact with a flame, you will begin to learn that taking yourself out of your current situation will ultimately save your life.